Introductory Tennis Wheelchair Launch with the Tennis Foundation

We are pleased to announce our partnership with the Tennis Foundation! The official announcement came Monday, the 20th of March 2017 at the Introductory Tennis Wheelchair product launch at Loughborough University.

With the Tennis Foundation, our team of engineers and technicians have created a wheelchair for tennis designed to adapt as the athlete develops. With adjustable components supported by a steel frame, the design is both economical and functional.

Tennis Foundation launch
Product launch at Loughborough University

Available in both youth and adult sizes, there are two classifications for the chair, each with two sizes and distinguishable by colour. The seat widths for the youth sizes are 12″ and 14″ while the adult sizes fit widths of 15″ and 17.” Both the youth and adult sizes can hold up to 15 stone, or 95 kilograms.

The adaptable components of the wheelchair include a footplate that is adjustable in height, foot angle and leg position (front to back) under the chair. The backrest has removable tube pins to allow for height adjustment. Velcro strapping facilitates adjustments of the seat sling and backrest. And, the anti-tip wheel length can also be altered to suit the player. Additionally, 24″ quick-release rear wheels come with the chair (25″ for the adult size) as a standard feature.

Our objective is to manufacture high-performance sports equipment so that more people can experience the benefits of sport. Therefore, we are delighted to expand our product offerings to include wheelchair tennis! And, even more so, to be working with the Tennis Foundation! To further our commitment to the wheelchair tennis, we are sponsoring a national series for the 2017 season. Please see the dates and locations for the RMA Sport National Wheelchair Tennis Series 2017. 

RMA Sport National Wheelchair Tennis Series 2017

25-26 March
Dan Maskell Tennis Centre, Loughborough University

22-23 April
Taunton Tennis Club, Taunton

20-21 May
Warwick University, Warwick

2-3 June
Grantham Tennis Club, Grantham

17-18 June
Gosling Sports Park, Welwyn Garden City

1-2 July
Heron Tennis Club, Newquay

15-16 July
Liverpool Tennis Centre, Liverpool

TBD August
The Shrewsbury Club, Shrewsbury

22-24 September 
Belfast Indoor Tennis Centre, Belfast

7-8 October
Scotstoun Tennis Centre, Glasgow

TBD November
Lee Valley Hockey & Tennis Centre

8-10 December
The Shrewsbury Club, Shrewsbury


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