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Badminton Wheelchair

RMA Sport’s ongoing philosophy has been to work with the athletes to understand and meet their physical requirements. The development and introduction of our Badminton Wheelchair is no exception.

While communicating with various athletes, we found that a lot of players use re-purposed Tennis Wheelchairs to compete at high-level competitions. While Tennis Wheelchairs can be used to compete, a purpose-built Badminton Wheelchair can make a huge difference in those split-second games. With that in mind, our vision at RMA Sport was to construct a sports chair capable of giving players the precision they need.

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Elite Pro Made to Measure
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Pro Made to Measure
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Club Wheelchair
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Made-to-Measure Technical Specifications

  • 24”, 25” & 26” Spinergy Wheels or Standard Wheels.
  • Aircraft grade 7020 Aluminium or Steel Frame.
  • Single or Double Anti-Tip Castors with Stepless Adjustment.
  • Fixed Footrest with Calf Strap & Foot Strap.
  • Micro-Castor Forks.
  • Adjustable Tension Upholstery.
  • Patented Torsion Seat Plate.
  • Welded Side Guards.
  • Ratchet Straps.
  • Ergonomic Seat Cushion.
badminton wheelchair spinergy rma sport RMA Sport made to measure badminton wheelchairs

“Designed for Precision”

Made to Measure

The Contour Body Mapping® device/system replaces the tape measure, eliminating human error of incorrect recording and interpretation. And, with moving components, you can experience how your chair will perform before the first piece of metal is cut.

Contour Body Mapping

Our MK V Contour Body Mapping® system calculates your
measurements to within two decimal points.

CAD Design

CAD design is used as standard to build your chair and offers you a rendered image of your chair.

Pressure Mapping

Pressure mapping is available to assess your seating requirements to help alleviate the need for expensive cushions.

Second Fitting Session

The second fitting is a RMA Sport standard for all made to measure products. A second fit allows you test your chair while it is tack welded to make any minor adjustments before completion.

badminton wheelchair spinergy rma sport RMA Sport made to measure badminton wheelchairs

Badminton Wheelchair Range

Our Made to Measure Badminton wheelchairs take full advantage of our Contour Body Mapping System. All measurements are taken electronically, ruling our human error when taking measurements from a tape measure.

Our Elite Pro range is made from 7020 T6 lightweight aluminium and comes with Spinergy SPOX wheels as standard. A Made to Measure wheelchair has the added benefit of being able to undergo a second fitting session. This allows the user to try the chair to ensure it meets all physical requirements. While the chair is in this state, we can make minor adjustments to the frame.

Club Badminton Wheelchairs are made from robust steel. This allows our Club range to be a cost-effective alternative to our Made to Measure chairs. Club chairs come with quick release sport wheels, a single anti-tip wheel, and adjustable upholstery.

Elite Pro Badminton

Using our patented Contour Body Mapping® System we are able to manufacture a completely bespoke, high-performance rugby wheelchair.

The RMA Sport Elite Pro Badminton Wheelchair takes full of our fitting process, allowing the athlete to undergo a second fitting session. This ensures the Badminton wheelchair meets the athlete’s specifications and requirements.

Spinergy Wheels are also supplied with all Elite Pro Badminton wheelchairs as standard.

Pro Badminton

Our Pro Badminton wheelchair model was designed for athletes who were unable to take advantage of the Contour Body Mapping® System.

Still fully bespoke and made to measure, the Pro Badminton wheelchair uses a prescription form to develop your Badminton chair.

RMA Sport Pro Badminton wheelchairs are manufactured to the same standards and with the same high-quality materials as our Elite Pro wheelchairs. Spinergy Wheels also come as standard on the Pro models.

Club Badminton

Our Club Badminton Wheelchair range consists of 3 standard seat width sizes 380mm, 410mm & 430mm and 3 different wheel sizes, 24″, 25″ or 26″. Our club badminton wheelchair range is built from lightweight steel making the chair highly maneuverable.

Badminton Club chairs come with quick release sport wheels, a single anti-tip wheel, and adjustable upholstery.

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