About RMA Sport

RMA Sport UK is part of the Invamed group and specialises in high performance sports and active wheelchairs. The portfolio consists of a series of made to measure and club/generic products that offer both athletes and active users wheelchairs that excel in design and performance.

Since RMA’s introduction to the disabled sports industry we have continued with our objective to produce the best sports and active rigid chair equipment through innovation, out of the box thinking and high quality components.

Our Goal is to produce wheelchairs that find solutions to problems that athletes and active chair users are experiencing with the aim of producing the best chair in their class.

Introduction to Sport

The RMA Sport product range began life in 2012 with the introduction of the Rugby Chair. Having initially worked with and supplied product to GBWR and Solent Sharks the programme soon extended to include an everyday active rigid wheelchair which resulted in the launch of the Vida.

All wheelchairs are made at our facility in Bridgend – South Wales – to the highest standard. This includes the use of 7020 aircraft grade aluminium, Spinergy wheels and the latest innovation/design.

Our Belief

We believe that functionality and performance are important elements in the design of our chairs. This can be highlighted in the special wheel guard grip that has been formulated by the RMA engineering team and the use of Spinergy wheels as standard on our Sport and Vida range of chairs.

RMA Sport UK is the definition of the transfer between Intelligent Engineering and competitive sport.

RMA Sport UK

Contour Body Mapping

RMA has developed a unique measuring system called “Contour Body Mapping” which is used to take the exact dimensions of a customer.  This patented device allows us to dispense with the need to use a traditional tape measure, which our competitors have relied upon over the years and is a cause for concern as it does not always provide accurate information to enable them to make a bespoke wheelchair.

The “Contour Body Mapping” is complimented by the use of CAD design which allows a customer to get a feel for their wheelchair and visualise it even before it is built. Pressure mapping can be incorporated as part of the process which we believe can help reduce the need and cost for high level seating products by configuring a chair that minimises pressure areas.

100% Correct

A unique feature RMA offers its customers is a second fit for their wheelchair. The wheelchair is tacked, which means it is partially welded, this enables the customer to sit in the chair and decide if it is 100% correct. At this stage the wheelchair can be fine tuned if the customer feels it is needed. The second fit gives the confidence that their wheelchair will be produced to their exact requirements.