Multi-Sport Wheelchair

The Multi-Sport Wheelchair from RMA Sport has been designed in association with Youth Sport Trust to encourage youth participation in various sporting activities, including basketball and tennis (not suitable for wheelchair rugby). It has been given a four-star rating by Able Magazine.

The wheelchair is made in the UK and is exclusive to Youth Sport Trust. The wheelchair is available in a series of standard seat width sizes that are colour coordinated, making sizes easy to identify by schools and clubs. The flexibility in the options offers the opportunity for young people of all shapes and sizes to get involved in sport.

RMA Sport Multisport Wheelchair

Blue – 460mm/18″ Seat Width

RMA Sport Multisport Wheelchair

Youth Sport Trust Multisport Wheelchair Technical Specifications

Welded Side Guards.
Adjustable Canvas Backrest.
Steel Frame. Grey Anodised Push Rims.
24″ Quick release Wheels.
72mm Castors Black Anodised Castor Forks.
Adjustable Footrest. Ergonomic 2″/50mm Cushion.
Adjustable Rear Anti-Tipper.

Seat Width Frame Colour
300mm / 12″ Lime Green
360mm / 14″ Red
400mm / 16″ White
460mm / 18″ Blue
RMA Sport Multisport Wheelchair
RMA Sport NEW Multisport Chair

Lightweight Aluminium Multi-Sport Wheelchair

Vented Side Guards.
Height Adjustable Backrest.
Aluminium Frame.
Grey Anodised Push Rims.24″
Quick release Wheels.
72mm Castors Black Anodised Castor Forks
Horizontal and Vertical Adjustable Footrest.
Ergonomic 2″/50mm Cushion.

Height Adjustable Backrest

Horizontal and Vertical Adjustable Footrest

Multi-Sport Wheelchair Range

Together with Youth Sport Direct, designing a multi-sport wheelchair began to materialise. Our objective of encouraging youth participation in various inclusive sporting activities meant that the wheelchair needed to be as lightweight as possible to facilitate the enjoyment of the sport. From individual to team sports, the multi-sport wheelchair is the perfect taster chair.

The multi-sport wheelchair is designed, manufactured and tested at our facility in Bridgend, South Wales, and is exclusively available through our partners, Youth Sport Direct. There are four seat widths to choose from; all four sizes have a weight limit of 12st or 76kg. Colour coordinated sizing makes it easy for schools and clubs to identify: 12” Lime Green, 14” Red, 16” White and 18” Blue. The steel frame supports an adjustable foot rest, canvas seat sling, and backrest. Additionally, the multi-sport wheelchair comes with a set of 24” quick-release wheels.

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