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What Spinergy is right for you?
Spinergy Everyday Spox

Spinergy builts its reputation as a market leader with the SPOX Everyday Wheelchair Wheel. Over the last 15 years the SPOX Everyday has been a best seller. The Spinergy SPOX Everyday wheelchair wheels are a must-have upgrade.

Spinergy Light Extreme 'LX'

Designed for people looking for a performance wheel with a unique style that offers excellent reach-through access underneath your chair. The Lite Extreme LX is aesthetically pleasing and is designed to reduce weight from your chair without sacrificing durability and performance.

Spinergy Sport Lite Extreme 'SLX

The SLX R-10 is a tried and true design from Spinergy featuring a strong, durable and stylish radial laced spoke pattern. Take the benefits of the SLX 24 spoke wheel and add the durability of a 5/8″ axle. Mostly used in contact sports where the 1/2″ axles tend to bend the most. These wheels deliver confidence and performance on the courts.