Wheelchair User Manuals

RMA Sport chairs are individually designed and hand-built as a bespoke sport product enabling the user to participate in a sport in which conventional wheelchairs are not capable of withstanding the dynamic /physical impacts and stresses the sport demands. As such, the standard requirements of manual wheelchairs are not fully applied to these products. Due to the nature of the chairs and the unique requirements for each user, the chairs are classified as ‘Custom Made Devices’ under the MDD and as such are exempt from bearing the ‘CE’ mark normally associated with Medical Devices. They do however have to comply with the Essential Requirements of Annex I of the MDD.

Rugby Wheelchair Manual

Basketball Wheelchair Manual

Tennis Wheelchair Manual

Vida Wheelchair Manual

Club Dance Wheelchair Manual

Club WCMX Wheelchair Manual

Rubgy League Wheelchair Manual

Multi-Sport Wheelchair Manual

Intended Use

Each wheelchair is intended to be used solely for the purpose of participating in the sport (excluding our Vida Active day chair). Due to the requirements of the sport, these products are not suitable or intended for everyday use.

Upon receipt of your chair

  • Always check that there is no obvious damaged caused during the shipping process.
  • Fit the wheels to your chair.
  • Adjust your seat to give you your optimum seating position.
  • Ensure that your backrest is correctly adjusted and gives you the maximum support and comfort.
  • If your chair is fitted with an adjustable footrest – make any adjustments.
  • Tighten any lap, chest or foot straps that are fitted.

Care and Maintenance

Always ensure the frame is structurally sound and there are no visible cracks present. Make sure the main wheel axles are correctly adjusted and the wheels are fully secured to the chair. (Quick release pin must be out) Check there is no debris wrapped around castor axles or bearings and the castor forks are secure – check for any excessive looseness in the castor forks and that they rotate freely. The tyres should be checked for correct pressures before each game. Regularly inspect your seat and back upholsteries for any tears, rips or degradation of the foams as this could lead to injury. Also check any straps.



The frame has a 12 month return to base warranty in the unlikely event of any material failure.

Due to the intended use, tyres, wheel bearings and upholsteries are not warrantied against normal wear and tear.

Should you require any further modifications to your chair after use, please contact us to discuss your requirements.


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