Jonny Wilkinson Rugby Legend and The Dorset Destroyers

Roma Sport Rugby Wheelchairs


Sunday July 31st was a great day for The Dorset Destroyers Wheelchair Rugby Club.  We had been invited to an event by Dorset Orthopaedic in Ringwood as part of their Summer Fair. The event was opened by non other than Rugby Legend Jonny Wilkinson who popped down to watch the demonstration match and was then persuaded to play a game.

“It was great to have Jonny playing and experiencing what it was all like at grassroots level” said Sue Coombs, Club Secretary. “It’s great exposure for The Dorset Destroyers and for the sport, and with the Paralympics coming soon it will give us even more exposure. There were many stunned faces when Jonny got into the wheelchair and started playing, but he was such a gentleman and really enjoyed himself”

The future is looking bright for The Dorset Destroyers and Nick Coombs, Chairman, is busy organising more disability sports at Rossmore Leisure Centre for the very near future, starting with Wheelchair Badminton and Wheelchair Indoor Tennis on Friday Nights from August 12th and plans to do lots more, bringing in coaches and clubs to the Centre with the idea to make it into a centre of disability sporting excellence.