Have you been Contour Body Mapped?

The standard method of obtaining the measurements of a person for an active/daily wheelchair has not altered for many years and relies heavily on a tape measure and the experience of the measurer. This may be an efficient way for some companies and in doing so they can hopefully achieve the best results, however, it all comes down to an individual’s interpretation which at times can lead to the incorrect chair being prescribed and not being exactly what the user asked for.

RMA has reviewed this method and although we believe it has its merits we decided to develop a process that eliminates as far as possible human error and brings the manufacture of active chairs into the 21st century.

Our system ‘Contour Body Mapping’ offers the user the opportunity to become an active part of the measuring process not a bystander. This unique patented system has been designed to assess what the user needs while at the same time allowing them to feel what the finished chair will be like before it’s made. This enables RMA to build the chair around the user to their exact specification and truly creates a made to measure as opposed to an adjusted to fit chair. Our process combines modern technology with old fashioned British made to measure craftsmanship.

Contour Body Mapping has already been successfully implemented into RMA’s sport chair programme with athletes being fitted for Rugby Chairs during 2013. The same attention to detail will be utilised in the production of the Vida Active manual chair which is due to be launched in September.

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