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Wheelchair Basketball

Basketball is open to wheelchair athletes, whose impairments may include paraplegia, lower limb amputation, cerebral palsy and polio.

Classification is according to the athlete’s physical ability to complete all tasks related to a basketball game.

All players receive a points rating between 1.0 and 4.5 – a 1.0 point player equates to the most severe impairment, 4.5 to the least.

Each team fields five players, but the rating of each player must not exceed a total of 14 points at any time on the court.

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Wheelchair Rugby

Wheelchair rugby athletes are classified using a points system, with the most severely impaired athletes being graded at 0.5 points, rising to 3.5 points. A high rating indicates an athlete possessing a higher physical ability.

Each team is comprised of four players and is allowed a maximum of eight points on the court at any one time.


Wheelchair Tennis

Wheelchair tennis has two classes, open and quad (players in this class have impairments in three or more limbs).

In wheelchair tennis competitions, players are allowed two bounces of the ball, the first bounce being within the bounds of the court.

Players in the quad class have a severe impairment in their legs with some level of disability in their playing arm. Most players in this class usually attach the racket to their hand using a strap.

The open class is for all other physically impaired athletes that use a wheelchair, but some athletes in this class do not use a wheelchair in daily life.

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