RMA Sport Dance Wheelchair

A Change of Tempo

As a privately owned company, the Opportunity to develop products is an advantage when individuals come to us with special requests. Shortly after reveicing thier custom-built Vida Active Wheelchair, one of our customers returned to us with a challenge to design a wheelchair for ballroom dancing. Starting with our contour body mapping system we began a project worthy of centre stage.

The Range

The engineering for our Dance Wheelchair range utilities the same technology and skills as seen in our other sports; the main differences are evident in the designs functionality and the small footprint. With the objective of a smooth glide, the design offers versatility to suit multiple styles and classifications of wheelchair dance.

From intermediate to professional, flippers to spinners, every Dance Wheelchair we produce is handmade and to the Dancer’s specifications. The aircraft grade Aluminium frame is heat treated once fabrication is complete giving this design added strength and reliability. Prescription and Made-to-Measure chairs include a pair of Spinergy SPOX wheels which are lightweight, further enabling the Dancers to perform fast direction changes and advantages in push propulsion.

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Features and Specifications

  • Adjustable canvas backrest
  • Welded Aluminium side guards
  • 72mm castor forks
  • Lightweight 7020 T6 aircraft grade aluminium
  • Metalic paint (optional)
  • Spinergy SPOX wheels
  • Adjustable tension seat sling
  • Small foot print