The Dorset Destroyers – PRESS RELEASE


Nicholas Coombs

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Sunday January 31st 2016 was the day of the Dorset Destroyers Wheelchair Rugby Club progression to be the first and only Dorset Club to be in the League.

Having drawn 2 matches and lost 1 over the past year, the Dorset Destroyers knew what they had to do and how to do it.

The Brighton Buccaneers, a new wheelchair rugby club were invited to play a “Friendly” to celebrate 1 year since the Destroyers started training.

Nick Coombs, Chairman explains:-

Ben Clark, Coach continues:- “We have been training for ages and knew this was a must win match. If we could start off well and get a few points ahead, then we could give ourselves some breathing space”

No one expected what happened in the First Quarter – The Destroyers were on fire and raced ahead 23-3.

Paul Sutherland, Club Captain explains:- “We’d been given all the tools, we knew what to do, but all that hard training had really paid off. We’d learnt our lessons from previous matches and knew that we had to play to our very best abilities, this was a must win”

In the Second quarter, there was a change of team for the Destroyers and the winning continued with another 12 points.

Bob Aldridge the Buccaneers’ Coach, was changing the squad during the match to give newer players experience and to see what was working well and to their credit the Buccaneers were fighting back, heads held high and so by the Third Quarter the scores were 46-17.

In the final quarter Ben Clark, Coach brought on another formation and this paid off as The Destroyers then scored 23 more points to The Buccaneers 1.

The final result was 69-18 to the Dorset Destroyers.

Nick Coombs, Chairman said:- “A resounding success for the Destroyers, and one that we dreamt of 2 years ago when we started to set up the club. But The Buccaneers have great potential and are in the very early stages of training, but their future is very bright and we know the rematch will be completely different”